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Voted Best Elementary School in NWA

We are thrilled to announce that Anthem Classical Academy has been voted Best Elementary School in Northwest Arkansas! As a new school in the area, we are humbled and honored to receive this recognition from our community.

Thank you for voting!

At Anthem, we believe that education is more than just teaching subjects - it's about cultivating the hearts and minds of our students.

Our mission is to cultivate Christ-centered leaders who know truth, practice goodness, and recognize beauty. We will pursue excellence in character, scholarship, and service out of reverence for God and His glory.

That mission is creating a compelling school community here in NWA.

We understand that parents' perspectives on education are shifting, and they are seeking a true partnership in the values and aims of their child's K-12 education. At Anthem, we strive to create an inviting learning environment where parents are involved in their child's education every step of the way. We believe that when parents and educators work together in their student’s academic, character, and spiritual development, we can create the best possible educational experience for our students.

We are grateful for our community's recognition and support, and we are committed to continuing to provide an exceptional education for our students. Our dedicated faculty and staff are devoted to what they do, and they are committed to helping our students reach their God-given potential and purpose.

As Best Elementary School in Northwest Arkansas, we are proud to be establishing ourselves as a top choice for families in Fayetteville and the surrounding area.

Thank you for your support and trust in Anthem Classical Academy. Let's continue to #RaisetheAnthem together!

Best Elementary School in Northwest Arkansas

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