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The End is Near...

The end of summer that is! We hope this season has been filled with joy and relaxation for you and your family. Fall brings the promise of cooler weather, football season, and back to school for you and your kids. Make no mistake about it though, this school year will still stand in stark contrast to “normal.” Over the past year and a half the response to COVID as well as the political and cultural climate has changed what we know to be “normal." John Stonestreet and Davies Owens briefly unpack this “new normal” in a BaseCamp Live podcast, where they share the hope that classical Christian education brings as we engage the culture at large. I encourage you to take a listen to the podcast and others from the channel to catch a glimpse of what is so exciting about classical Christian education.

Some of you may be completely secure in your educational choice. Others of you genuinely feel anxiety about what this year may bring, and you wonder if there is another option. I was recently talking with an Anthem parent who said that, even though Anthem is new, she has peace about sending her son to kindergarten, and she feels confident that her son’s education will echo what is already being taught at home.

“I know that his mind will be nourished and challenged and that he will be showered in the love of Christ. I will be invited to the classroom to worship with him, and I know that I won't have to unpack and undo the progressive secular humanism that seems to be showing up everywhere in public school.”

Maybe it is the fear of your child being placed with a certain teacher, or maybe you are afraid of the limits that are placed on you as a parent to be involved in your child's education. It could be the accelerating progressive worldview that seeks to destroy objective truth and take your place as the authority to your child, or it could be the dramatic increase of technology that robs students of their social development. No matter what feeds your fear, you must know that you have another option. You have an opportunity to choose something that better aligns with your goals as a Christian parent. We at Anthem would be honored to come alongside you and sing God’s song of redemption into your child’s life.

The school year is coming fast, so schedule your personal tour of Anthem or request more information ASAP.

If you are ready to join the Anthem, complete the Student Application and take the first steps to secure your child's spot.

We look forward to connecting with you!

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